About Lake Pro

Lake Pro, Inc. has been managing lakes and ponds in Houston and surrounding areas since 1991.  Lake Pro is a full-service professional lake management company that offers a variety of lake management services.  Our office facility is located on the outskirts of Houston in Katy, Texas.  We provide lake management services for 230 plus communities and homeowners' associations in the Houston area.  These services include:

  • Lake Maintenance for Urban Developments
  • Vegetation Treatments
  • Floating Fountain Installation & Repair
  • Fishery Management 
  • Fish Stocking
  • Subsidence District Well Permitting
  • Regional Water Authority Permitting and Billing

Our professional and highly experienced staff members conduct these services. You will appreciate our "hands-on" approach to your needs.  Lake Pro Inc. executive staff has 20 plus years of experience in lake management.  Using up-to-date field techniques we will evaluate and maintain each existing lake or pond  and incorporate a long-term management program to ensure the success of your urban or recreational lake. 

Executive Staff

James “Macky” McIntyre – Owner / Aquatic Fishery Biologist

Macky is from Houston and currently lives just west of Houston near Katy, Texas.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Aquaculture/Fishery Management from Texas A&M University.  As a student, he served two working internships through the Texas A&M Wildlife & Fishery Department and also worked for the Texas A&M Aquaculture & Fishery Research Center.  After graduating from Texas A&M he was involved in developing intensive fish re-circulating systems for local fish rearing facilities and managing private lakes in the Houston area.  As lake communities became more prevalent in Houston and surrounding areas, Macky expanded Lake Pro, Inc. in 1998 to include lake management services for urban lake communities in the Houston area.

At Lake Pro, Inc. Macky works closely with his executive staff in managing 20 full time field technicians and biologists.  He works closely with many area developers, landscape architects, and civil engineers in the development of urban lake communities.  Macky is a member of the American Fisheries Society, Aquatic Plant Management Society, and Texas Aquaculture Association.

  • Fishery Science Degree from Texas A&M University, College Station
  • Aquatic Fishery Biologist
  • 25+ years experience in Lake Management
  • Urban Lake Management Expert
  • Fountain Repair Technician
  • State Certified Aquatic Applicator
  • Aquaculture & Water Quality Specialist

Steve Arrington – Operations Manager / Aquatic Biologist

Steve is from George West, Texas and currently lives in Katy.  He has a degree in aquatic biology from Southwest Texas State University.  After graduating from college Steve took a field technician position in the Houston area.  After taking a position with Lake Pro, Steve quickly became field manager and staff biologist where he was responsible for overseeing the lake maintenance programs, vegetation treatments, water quality assessments, fishery surveys, fish stocking, fountain installations, and fountain repairs.  Steve has been with Lake Pro, Inc. 17 plus years. 

At Lake Pro, Inc. Steve is now the Operations Manager and is responsible for overseeing our daily operations along with implementing and monitoring lake maintenance programs.  Steve works closely with community associations and commercial property representatives in the maintenance and management of their lakes.   He also works closely with area developers and landscape architects in the development of urban lake projects.  Steve oversees all fishery management surveys and fish stocking operations.

  • Aquatic Biology degree from Southwest Texas State University
  • Operations Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Aquatic fishery biologist
  • 20+ years experience in lake management
  • State certified aquatic applicator
  • Fountain technician
  • Aqua Control fountain technician
  • Vegetation & fountain specialist

Patrick Kohleffel – Field Manager

Patrick was born and raised in Needville, Texas, where he currently lives.  Patrick started his career in the lake management industry in 2000 as a field technician in the Houston area.  He quickly worked his way up to a field supervisor position and became a certified fountain repair technician and state certified commercial aquatic applicator.  After taking a position with Lake Pro, Inc Patrick has worked his way up to Field Manager. Patrick has been with Lake Pro, Inc. for 15 plus years.   

At Lake Pro, Inc., Patrick is responsible for supervising and overseeing all field personnel.  He maintains all maintenance schedules and extra site visits.  As a field manager he makes sure all repairs are completed in a timely fashion.  Patrick maintains strong relationships with customer representatives and keeps them informed on the services conducted at their lakes.  He is also responsible for maintaining all lake levels and water pumpage information on all wells. 

  • Field Manager
  • 17+ years experience in lake management
  • State certified aquatic applicator
  • Certified fountain technician (Repairs all brands of floating fountains)
  • Aqua Control fountain technician
  • Vegetation & fountain specialist

To learn more about what we can do for your lake and pond management needs contact the professionals at Lake Pro.

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