Urban Lake Management

Urban Lake Management

Urban Lake Maintenance Programs are designed to maintain the aesthetic appearance of community association lakes and deal with lake management problems that might develop throughout the year.  Our lake maintenance programs offer a wide variety of lake management services including lake mechanical equipment servicing & repair, vegetation monitoring & control, water quality analysis, and trash and debris removal.  Our staff consists of fishery/aquatic biologists, licensed certified commercial aquatic applicators, and certified fountain repair technicians.  Maintenance programs conducted by Lake Pro, Inc. will maintain and ensure long-term success of recreational community lakes.  Maintenance program services are conducted by weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly visits to a particular lake site.  Services rendered are formulated into detailed reports during each site visit and are submitted to management monthly.  We employ six service crews for servicing our customers, which allows us to respond to lake management problems the next day or in some cases that day.  We are also capable of repairing any type of floating fountain and have access to the best contractors in the Houston area for repairing water feature pumps or related problems. 

Our staff works closely with community associations and property managers to provide the most efficient and cost effective services for their community lakes.  Our business has been built on the idea of understanding each of our client’s goals and providing them with the quality service that ensures and maintains their individual goals.  We keep our clients up to date on current issues and concerns through frequent communication with their community associations and property managers. Our company is very professional and knowledgeable in providing lake maintenance, fountain installation & repair, and fishery management for community associations.  Below is a list of services available under our urban lake management programs.   

Urban Lake Management Services

  • Water Quality Analysis
  • Vegetation Assessments and Recommendations
  • Vegetation Treatments
  • Floating Fountain Repair
  • Waterfall Pump Repair
  • Fixed Fountain Pump Repair
  • Bulkhead and Overflow Inspection
  • Inspection of Erosion and Sedimentation
  • Trash and Debris Removal
  • Subsidence District Well Permitting and Record Keeping
  • Submittal of Regional Water Authority Billing Forms
  • Detailed Monthly Maintenance Reports
  • Fishery Surveys and Recommendations
  • Fish Stocking and Delivery

To learn more about what we can do for your lake and pond management needs contact the professionals at Lake Pro.