Lake Pro Services

Lake Pro, Inc. is a professional lake management service company, which offers a variety of lake management services.  The Professionals at Lake Pro, Inc.  have been managing lakes and ponds in the Houston and surrounding areas since 1991.  We use new and innovative field techniques to evaluate and maintain each existing lake or pond so we can incorporate a long-term management program to ensure success of your recreational community lake.  Lake Pro's success is due to providing its long-standing customers with the most cost effective and innovative services in our industry.

  • Urban Lake Management
  • Fishery Management
  • Aquatic Vegetation Control
  • Floating Fountain Installation & Repair
  • Fishery Surveys
  • Fish Stocking
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Monthly Maintenance Programs
  • Detailed Monthly Maintenance Reporting
  • Budgets for Lake Communities & Lake Developments
  • Develop Customized Fishery Management Programs
  • Subsidence District Well Permitting
  • Submit Regional Water Authority Well Billing Forms
  • Well Meter Monitoring & Record Keeping