Aquatic Vegetation Control

Aquatic Vegetation Control

Aquatic vegetation is a common problem in most small ponds and lakes. If not properly controlled, lakes can become overgrown with aquatic vegetation. Excessive amounts of aquatic vegetation throughout the water column can affect the balance between fish populations and can also become a nuisance interfering with recreational activities such as fishing and boating. Aquatic vegetation can also cause other serious problems such as water quality issues, restricted growth rates for fish, unwanted foul odors, and an unsightly aesthetic lake appearance.

Aquatic vegetation uncontrolled can quickly become over abundant and detrimental to your lake. Three types of methods are used for controlling undesirable vegetation. These control measures consist of mechanical, chemical, and biological methods. Aquatic plants are most commonly controlled by the use of aquatic approved chemicals. Chemical control through the use of herbicides is effective, but the aquatic vegetation must first be properly identified. Identification is important because some chemicals are only effective on certain species of vegetation.

Species identification is a critical step in a successful vegetation control program. Aquatic plants are divided into several different groups. These groups are algae, submersed, floating, emergent, and marginal aquatic plants. Lake Pro, Inc.’s field staff is highly skilled and certified in aquatic plant identification and control. Once a species is identified, we choose the chemical that is most effective for that particular species of vegetation. In order to be cost effective and obtain good results when treating aquatic vegetation, our expert certified chemical applicators will apply the proper labeled amount of chemical and distribute the chemical evenly in the target areas to control the unwanted species of vegetation.

In order to achieve the best result possible, it is best to use a lake management company who is trained and licensed for chemical application. Lake Pro, Inc.’s staff is trained and licensed for chemical application and only use chemicals that are labeled for aquatic use by the EPA and Texas Department of Agriculture. It is important to use only aquatic approved chemicals because unapproved chemicals could be harmful to the fish population. Our expert field staff uses the most advanced aquatic vegetation control equipment available. We work closely with chemical specialists, chemical manufacturers, and universities in order to stay up to date on new chemical products and new innovative chemical application procedures.

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